Y Kombucha is officially the first Kombucha to make a grand entrance to into Montreal City Hall.

Y Kombucha is officially the first Kombucha to make a grand entrance to into Montreal City Hall.

Published on July 25 2018

The health shift taken by Mayor Valérie Plante's team aims to offer "significantly lower carbohydrate" beverages to fellow citizens. It is in this spirit that the Y Kombucha was chosen to be one of the new products in the vending machines of the Montreal City Hall. Agrotech congratulates Y Kombucha for this success and is proud to invest in this product to make its success even more dazzling.

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Small revolution in the vending machines of city hall

Posted on 12 July 2018 at 09h02 by the author Pierre André Normandin

A small revolution at Montreal City Hall: sweet drinks have given way to kombucha in vending machines, while coconut chips and green peas have replaced those based on fried potatoes. And the plastic bottles are gone. Portrait of a health turn that is announced in the metropolis.


In December, elected officials of the city council passed a resolution to ban soft drinks from municipal buildings. With no substitute products, the company that ran the vending machines at City Hall retired in March. But for a week, employees and elected officials of the City have something new to drink and satiate, because the company Nature Express has installed a new vending machine. "It's a small step, but it suggests big changes," said Councilor Marvin Rotrand, who had asked for the removal of sugary drinks.


The new drinks offered by the vending machine are significantly lower in carbohydrates. The iced tea can contains no calories and displays 1g of carbohydrates. That's a lot less than the old drink that contained 110 calories and 29 grams of carbohydrates. Juice cans that contained 160 calories and 39 grams of carbohydrates also disappeared to make way for soda water.


Although the demand has been to remove sugary drinks, the food supply has also been improved. The selection of chips has disappeared to make way for chips with green peas or coconut. The classic chocolate bars are gone. Oatmeal biscuits or low fat brownies, as well as nut mixtures, have replaced them.


A significant portion of the products offered have a Quebec touch. Thus, kombucha is brewed in Montreal while almond milk bears the logo "Aliment du Québec". Nature Express reports that 80% of its beverages are produced in the province.


Notably, the machine does not offer plastic bottles. The elected officials decided last May to prohibit their sale in municipal buildings. The drinks are offered in cans or glass bottles.


Eating health, however, has a price. The products are selling significantly more expensive than before. While it took an average of $ 1.50 for a sweet drink, a bottle of kombucha sells for $ 4.25. The iced tea is $ 3, while it costs $ 2 for a container of 200 ml of almond milk. Nature Express says its prices are competitive with those of health groceries, but "obviously, they're better products, so it's more expensive to produce. We can not compare a Pepsi with a kombucha, "says the owner, Dominic Ross.


These "health" machines are profitable, says Nature Express. The company says that the Ville de Laval has already made this shift for two years in several of its facilities and that sales are going well. "It works well, it's profitable. We continue to grow and hope to grow with Montreal, "said Dominic Ross.

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