Le Journal de Montréal talks about Y Kombucha in a new article

Le Journal de Montréal talks about Y Kombucha in a new article

Published on July 25 2018

Our exempt market product Y Kombucha is still being talked about in the Montreal press. The product is this time mentioned as the "new giant Kombucha in the making"

The Quebec based fast-growing firm produces Kombucha : a fermented tea that is good for your health. If you want to invest in Y Kombucha, please contact Agrotech for more information.

Here is the article from Le Journal de Montréal


Montreal SMEs: a new kombucha giant in the making

Published on Thursday, 28 June 2018 19:24 by the author PIERRE-OLIVIER ZAPPA

MONTRÉAL - Slightly sparkling, not very sweet and full of probiotics, fermented kombucha tea is gaining popularity in Quebec. To meet this demand, Y Kombucha is investing $ 500,000 in its Borough of Saint-Laurent plant.

"We are moving from an artisanal production to an industrial production, keeping the same philosophy!" Said Gardy Fury, in an interview with TVA News on Thursday.

Singer and comedian, he is also the president of Y Kombucha. Recently, it entered into a distribution agreement with Sobeys. The grocery store's parent company, IGA, will distribute its beverages to 2000 outlets throughout Quebec.

"We will move from an annual production of 300,000 liters to over a million. It could even go further, "said the leader, passionate about kombucha for several years.

About fifteen companies are currently marketing kombucha in Quebec. To stand out, SME Y Kombucha produces drinks with unique flavors.

"Our hops greatly seduces a lot of consumers. We smell citrus, lychee and hops, "said Pierre-Paul Martin, brewmaster.

The health wave

While surfing on the wave health, Gardy Fury’s company plans to increase its turnover this year. "The demand is exploding and we need to anticipate it," he said.

In Quebec, consumption of this fermented tea grew by 30% last year alone.

The healthy properties and recipe of kombucha, a millennial drink of Mongolian origin, largely explain its success. "It's made from mushrooms, bacteria and tea. Its properties are multiple and it is an antioxidant that promotes healthy digestion, "said Martin.

Y Kombucha hopes to be present all over Quebec this year and is eyeing business opportunities elsewhere in Canada.


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