Newly created Calixa Capital Partners names first Chief Strategy Officer

Newly created Calixa Capital Partners names first Chief Strategy Officer

Published on March 22 2019

Co-Founder of One of Canada’s Largest Cannabis Organizations Joins Calixa

Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver: Calixa Capital Partners, an affiliated company to Cape Cove Financial Management, will assist organizations in corporate growth. Those organizations may be private and seeking low cost solutions to going public. Calixa Capital also offers a wide range of consulting and ancillary services incorporating the necessary tools and talent to help foster its clients’ corporate objectives.

It welcomes Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Seann Poli, to help clients expand their companies. Poli made news starting in 2015 as the Co-Founder of Ottawa’s first cannabis production company and received international attention for his focus on the health benefits of hemp and cannabinoids (CBD), while planning Canada’s first Global Innovation Centre in Quebec.

Poli built LiveWell Canada from the ground up with the reliable and timely capital support of many exempt market dealing representatives who are now at Cape Cove, making it one of the premiere Exempt Market Dealers in Canada. After LiveWell became publicly traded, Poli turned his attention to “what’s next” because he wanted to help grow other Canadian companies.

Poli shares he is “humbled to have had the experience of taking LiveWell to the TSX-V, to create partnerships with leading industry participants such as Canopy Growth and Canopy Rivers, to have worked with many top tier private capital and public stock brokerage firms in Canada and the US, and other international strategic partners. I thrive in an environment where I am taking a unique idea and scaling it rapidly. Calixa Capital is going to do incredible things for its clients, and I look forward to turning my attention from growing the cannabis health industry to growing healthy businesses. Calixa is open for business and ready to help.”

Nick Tzaferis, Calixa Capital President, says, “What we learned from our Calixa Capital clients is they needed services to fuel their companies. They required everything from strategic planning to venture capital, so we improved Calixa Capital services by bringing Seann Poli as an expert in building businesses.”

Poli has an extensive and solid business background, successfully developing a number of companies, from small to large, in private capital markets. He is a project funding specialist and facilitator, and his experience encompasses diverse industries and roles, involving negotiations with key stakeholders, government offices, private investors and senior level management. He has demonstrated his excellent leadership abilities in wealth management, due diligence, business development and strategic planning.

About Calixa Capital Partners:

Calixa Capital Partners works with clients to achieve success, focusing on their needs, producing new ideas, developing effective strategies, introducing strategic partnerships, and designing high quality and scalable capital solutions. The company examines what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in a fast paced world and which ones are doing it best. Calixa specializes in start-ups and emerging firms to help them achieve their full potential and take their businesses to theirnext level. With decades of combined experience, Calixa has the capabilities and expertise to provide the best financing solutions by combining insight and skill to fully maximize financial strategies. Calixa Capital offers a selection of exempt market structures and setups which have undergone a rigorous due diligence process by our product development team to create registered eligible investment products for the exempt market.

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